Work At Home Moms House Cleaning Tips

How to have a (reasonably) tidy house while working from home

As a work from home Mom of 3 kids who are with me ALL day, people often wonder how I’m able to do it all. So I decided to share some of my “Work from home Moms house cleaning tips” with you.

Be reasonable and lower your expectations when it comes to housework.

Remember…you ARE a working Mom. You get to do that work from home, but you’re also doing it with small kids underfoot. You deserve a pat on the back, not a guilt trip.

Decide what’s important to you and your family and focus on those tasks.

For instance…in my house, the kitchen always gets cleaned quickly after it’s dirtied. My “ick factor” is a grimy sink. Plus, we’re in that room more than any other. Bathrooms and kitchens are more important than other rooms because of the hygiene factor. A little dust or kid toys underfoot? Ah, who cares? Plus, as my sister, a mom of 4 always says, stepping on Legos is free acupressure. My husband on the other hand, is into floors. The whole house could be a pig sty, but if the floors are clean, the house is clean to him. So I make it a point to vacuum before he gets home.

What makes your house clean? Make sure those tasks are done, which for most people means having a simple routine that you do without thinking. As for the rest…

Delegate, outsource, or procrastinate.

Decide what you can delegate to hubby, your kids or to a teenager eager to earn a few dollars. I think the best way you can spend $20 on your home based business is to pay a mommy’s helper to come over for several hours and clean or play with your kids while you do business. Make sure you have a long to do list at the ready so you don’t squander your time checking email or reading blogs. (Who, me?)

Your kids can be paid surprisingly small amounts of money to do cleaning that is above and beyond their regular chores. Don’t feel guilty about doing this. I know one 6 year old who is one Jabba the Hutt Lego set richer because of all the dimes and quarters he earned vacuuming. Ahem.

Procrastinate the tasks that take the same amount of time to do whether they’re done daily or weekly. Dishes, for one, take longer to do the longer they sit. Vacuuming and dusting take the same amount of time whether they’re done daily or weekly.

And outsourcing…as soon as you can afford to, pay someone to do things around the house while you focus on more important tasks. And if you can’t do that, invite someone over for a playdate. It’s amazing how much energy you can drum up when company’s coming, and how fast you can clean too!

Teach your children to clean up after themselves.

This isn’t being a strict parent. It’s doing your future daughters-in-law a favor. Even a 2 year old child can be gently trained to put dirty clothes in the hamper. It helps when you keep one in their room. Make it into a routine, make up a song about it, do what you need to do.

A child as young as 3 can be taught to pick up toys (sometimes they need a little supervision to keep on track), bring dirty dishes to the sink, wipe up spills, etc.

A 5 or 6 year old can be taught how to dust, clean glass surfaces, sweep under the table, and even vacuum.

Use the if/then technique.

“Oh you want some yogurt? When you pick up those books you may have some.” “We will have time to go to the park if we get all these toys picked up”…you get the picture.

And as for hubby? Well, my personal standard is…if it doesn’t make it to the hamper, it doesn’t get washed. Your mileage may vary.

Use shortcuts.

If it’s a nice day, have the kids eat lunch or snacks outside. No table, chairs, and floor to clean.

Reserve cleaning bathrooms for when your toddler is in the tub. You have to be in there anyway.

Be sure to use a totally non toxic cleaner.

The best time to clean your shower or tub is right after you’ve used it…the hot steamy water loosens all the grime. Open your mail over the trash can. Immediately dump all junk.

And here’s one word of caution. Don’t fall into the trap of running around like a crazy women during naptime or after bed doing all the cleaning. You need this time to pamper yourself a bit (if you’re fortunate enough to have kids who still take naps!) and have some quiet time alone or with hubby.

Being a work from home Mom is full of challenges, but with some creativity and flexibility, you can have a thriving business and a tidy home.

10 Fantastic Tips For Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning

Find the best natural ways to clean your home.

1. Try not to use propellant-powered aerosol spray products. They usually release their ingredients in the form of easily inhaled microscopic droplets that stay suspended in your airspace for hours after you use them.

It’s always best to use manual powered spray products, or even better those you can apply with a fabric based cloth.

2. Use only cleaning products made from safe natural and not-toxic ingredients to prevent exposure to the dangerous synthetic chemicals that traditional cleaners often contain.

Most cleaning solutions that you see in your local supermarket can be produced in the comfort of your own home, by using eco friendly ingredients like vinegar or lemon juice. They often do a better job and are safer.

3. Do not let dust accumulate over a length of time in your home, as it will eventually lead to breathing problems and ill health. Regularly dust all surfaces in your home with a damp cloth to ensure that household dust and their mites, which can collect harmful toxins, are completely removed from surfaces, and not redistributed back into your home environment.

4. Ventilate your home on a regular basis by opening windows and doors a few times during the day to expel stale air and any pollutants that have accumulated inside your home. This will improve your indoor air quality and your general health too.

5. Baking soda is such an important ingredient to have in the home. It has several great uses and can freshen up everything from carpets to drains. Simply sprinkle it where you want to clean, and then let stand for a few hours, or in some cases overnight. Vacuum well or rinse odours or dirt away the next day.

6. Use warm water to clean surfaces in your home. Most synthetic chemicals and other harmful pollutants often accumulate unseen on the surfaces of many objects you are cleaning. Hot water easily turns many of these substances into breathable vapour. This can cause breathing problems and trigger allergic reactions in some people.

7. Steam cleaning your home is one of the most effective ways to completely sanitise most surfaces in your home, but it is advisable to wear a mask for this type of cleaning, so you don’t breathe in any chemicals that have been activated by the hot steam.

8. If you can, use a chlorine-free dishwasher detergent for cleaning. Chlorine in traditional detergents are easily vaporised by hot dishwasher water and then released into your home atmosphere. It’s surprising that in many areas, hot water is not recommended for cleaning certain items at home.

9. Vacuum cleaners with a H.E.P.A. filter are ideal for cleaning your home thoroughly from top to bottom. The special filters trap unhealthy dust particles, dust mites, pollen, smoke, allergens and over 99.97% of the common pollutants that are present in every home. Regular cleaning with a H.E.P.A. vacuum will improve your indoor air quality, which has important health benefits for the whole family.

10. Politely ask your visitors to remove their shoes when entering your home. They will not track in harmful dirt or pollutants from outside if you insist on this. You would be amazed at the amount of dirt that is dragged into the average home everyday, especially in the summer.

Hunting Boots: Tips For Cleaning At Home Effectively

With the variety of hunting boots on the market today, it is important to the life of your favorite footwear to insure you know how to clean and repair those shoes. Getting those favorites in working order will insure you can wear that footwear for longer enjoying the comfort and the smell. Yes, you can enjoy the smell of your feet again even if you have the stinkiest of feet. Regardless of why you are interested in cleaning those shoes, you will find that cleanup is easier than ever, and you will appreciate the easy to follow steps that work almost every time.

The first step is to deodorize that footwear. This can be done immediately upon purchasing or once worn. Simply mix 2 tsp of corn starch or corn flour with 2 tsp of baking soda for one shoe. You will sprinkle this on the inside of each shoe and let stand over night. In the morning or after 24-hours, you can shake the access out. This should only be done with dry shoes to insure no clumping. In addition, if you prefer, you can add a couple drops of essential oils such as lavender to the mixture to get a wonderful aroma that will definitely get rid of the stink of many hunting boots.

If you are purchasing a new pair of hunting boots, you should always insure you have broken in new footwear before heading out on a 20-mile hike to hunt or fish. In fact, you can wear your new footwear around the house to get a good fit between foot and boot. High quality footwear does not need to be broken in, but you will appreciate having a nice form for your foot by simply wearing them for a few hours before deciding on a long expedition.

When storing as well as cleaning, suggestions imply you should stuff the boot with paper or purchase a shoetree. This will insure that when cleaning as well as when storing that the shape is held and shrinkage will not make your new boot unwearable. These are purchasable at most retailers, but you may find a specialty shoe store will be able to offer you a better quality as well as shape for your foot.

When cleaning your hunting boots, you will want to dampen the outside with a moist cloth or sponge. Do not submerge your footwear. Simply moistening the outside with cold water is sufficient. Once dampened, you can use a wet sponge to wipe the outside surface down. Using a soft toothbrush may be beneficial if you need to get into crevices or minute areas. In addition, when cleaning with the sponge or the toothbrush, insure you are going with the grain not against.

Using a combination of cold water and cleaner can be used as well. Vinegar is a popular cleaning solution. Simply use one part vinegar to one part cold water.

When done, you can rinse with a moisten, cold sponge. Simply wipe down, and let dry.

When it comes to cleaning and keeping your hunting boots in tip top shape, you will discover you have everything you need in your own kitchen.